Wednesday 31st March 2021

Implemented procedures due to COVID-19:

  • No more client signatures on delivery – our staff will ask for your name and will enter your name on the electronic invoicing device. There is no need for any physical contact between our staff and clinic staff.

  • Hand sanitiser to be used before and after each delivery

  • Disinfecting service vehicles daily

  • Maintain social distancing


Additional measures we’ve taken:

  • COVID-19 Infection Control Training has been completed by all staff members, we will monitor any updates to this training course.

  • Where required, additional vessels will be provided to clients in regional locations and/or who are considered high priority in metro locations. (i.e blood banks and medical research facilities)


What we ask of you, our Client:

  • All non-urgent orders to be emailed to us at or via our website to help keep phone lines free for urgent medical gas related orders.

  • Continue to pay your accounts on time so our teams of men and women can also continue to work behind the scenes, and on the front line to bring you the critical medical gases you require.

  • Email us any new or varied delivery procedures that you would like us to abide by when we are on your site.

For urgent inquires: Call 1300 658 131