08 Apr 2019

Our take on how to build stronger Communities

There's so much talk right now about 'having impact' and'creating change'.

Acknowledging that we all need to 'do something' to make this world a better place is the first step - its 'how' to do this in a respectful and sustainable way that poses the biggest hurdle.

At 'The Cryogenics Group' we pride ourselves on our excellent presentation. To ensure our vehicles and equipment were being kept spick and span we enlisted DATSIP (Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships). DATSIP quickly found an amazing Indigenous, larger then life lady who was keen to start her own business. We soon met with the beautiful Marlene and discussed the scope of works.

In the coming weeks 'Marlenes Cleaning' was born.


Our equipment is looking amazing now that Marlene is taking care of all our cleaning requirements. There's some super amazing plans in the pipeline for Marlene and we are so happy to share and support Marlenes new business venture.

Creating real impact means providing opportunity for everyone to feel empowered to be financially stable, in control, safe, confident and dream big.

 - Marcia Edwards, Director 'The Cryogenics Group'

We flew to Canberra to show the Australian Government what we're all about

The Cryogenics Group was invited to attend the 2019 Indigenous Business Trade Fair at Parliament House. 

We were lucky enough to be featured on the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet website. Click below to read the full article

"We've grown, but we're still operating in a niche area, where our service sets us apart".

"We're now a cloud based Company running a paperless operation"


- Denise Edwards, Director

The Cryogenics Group

With an entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with 25 years’ experience, The Cryogenics Group was open to new opportunities. So, when representatives from both companies met, the synergy was instantaneous. “We realised fairly quickly there was plenty of space for us to expand and grow together,” explains Alan.

 - Alan Watkins, Executive General Manager - Coregas

Source: http://coregas.com.au

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